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Columbia 1995 (2-CD)

Columbia 1995 (2-CD)

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Recorded live on Jukly 7, 1995 at the Blue Note in Columbia, Missouri

Disc One:
Set 1
 Pleas >
Barstools and Dreamers
Holden Oversoul >
B of D
Can't Get High >
Better Off
Let's Get Down To Business >
Rebirtha >
Porch Song

Disc Two:
Set 2
Weight Of The World
Space Wrangler
Jack >
The Take Out
Radio Child >
Maggot Brain >
Heaven >
Proving Ground

Disc Two:
Let's Get The Show On The Road
Get Up Early In The Morning

This is the 10thth Multi-Track Archive release.
Bell, Hermann, Houser, Nance, Ortiz and Schools
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